Traditional Chinese Medicine

Top 10 Benefits Of TCM

Used for centuries, here are 10 benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. Ancient medicines are able to be just as effective as some of the modern ones, otherwise the ancient people would have stopped using them. Although traditional Chinese medicine may be beneficial, it is still suggested to consult with your doctor before trying the medicines to make sure you will not be suffering from any ill effects.

  1. All-natural. The top benefit that comes from traditional Chinese medicine is that the medicine is all natural. Although the herbs that are used in the medicine may have some side effects, it is nothing compared to the side effects from modern medicine.
  2. The source. With traditional Chinese medicine they had more of a goal of finding what was causing the illness and healing it. They did not just choose to focus on healing the symptoms. Modern medicine tends to just treat the symptoms.
  3. Range. Traditional Chinese medicine has been known to treat a broad range of things. It is able to treat things from headaches and PMS to things like helping to treat addictions and the common flu.
  4. Improve general health. It is able to improve a persons health overall. This is because it does not rely on things such as modern drugs. Because of this you do not get all the side effects that would normally occur, such as drowsiness from the medication.
  5. Balance. Traditional Chinese medicine has started to become favored because it does not just focus on the physical part of being ill. It works on returning the mind, body and the soul to proper balance.
  6. Focused. With this type of medicine, it is more focused on trying to find a diagnosis. An example of this is with a cold. In traditional Chinese medicine, they do not just categorize it as a cold; they try to figure out exactly what type of cold it is.
  7. Potency. A good thing about this kind of medicine is the potency of the cures. Most of the Chinese treatments are made at a low heat so that the herbs are able to hold on to their potency and remain as effective as they can be.
  8. Treatments. Unlike with modern medicine, the Chinese medicine offers a broader range of treatments. With modern medicine the main thing is usually to get prescribed some medication, but with traditional Chinese medicine there are things like herbs, massage and food therapies, among other things.
  9. Side effects. With this form of medicine there are very few side effects with the herbs. Unlike with the modern medications, where some of the side effects can be very dire, most of the effects that come with herbs for the most part are harmless.
  10. Multiple Uses. With traditional Chinese medication there are usually multiple uses, such as calming anxiety or helping with sleep, or even being a tonic for things like blood and nerves.